About the build farm

The samba.org build farm is designed to test the configuration, build, install, and some runtime aspects of some projects hosted on samba.org in real time. Each host in the build farm builds each of the projects regularly (currently every 15 minutes for some hosts) and uploads the results of the configure, build, install, and runtime testing to the central site (build.samba.org) for display.

This allows team members to check on the build status on a wide variety of operating systems and architectures without the drudgery of logging into each machine after each Git commit.

The build farm pulls the source code from the unpacked Git repository and does a clean configure and build whenever a change is detected in the tree. The results shown give information on the status of the configure and build process, plus any error logs.

The author of the build farm is Andrew Tridgell. The source for the build farm is available in the build-farm Git repository on the samba.org Git server.

If you have a machine that you wish to participate in our build farm then please read these instructions.